Speakers & Topics for Pro Imaging Connect Conference

Moving your Order Taking and Lab Management Software to the Cloud: Pros, Cons, Benefits and Costs.

Over the past 20+ years, Labworks has been the leading photo lab management software evolving its path from a Dos to a Unix to a Windows to a .Net Hybrid technology. We ask, and we’d like to discuss: Is it now opportune for a software like Labworks to be offered in the cloud. In this talk, we will go into Labworks software, how it works, and what it means for you and your company. If your company is ready to bring its managment software to the cloud, Labworks is ready.

Enhancing Your Success with Inkjet Printing

With more than 10 years' experience in the photography and inkjet printing industry, Michael will share some tips for getting started printing and the current climate for investing in inkjet printing and will discuss ROI, how to pay for your printer in the first year of ownership and different printing and workflow efficiencies that will make your job a breeze.
Technical Director LexJet

Bridging the transition from
Silver Halide Photo to Digital Photo

Jennifer Lamm
Director of Sales North America

Web ordering for all types

The ROES software has been helping wedding and portrait labs build their business and improve their bottom line for over 18 years. ROES has been helping pro labs back when this event was called “ProLab Classic”!!

See how the our latest software platform, ROES Web, can help portrait labs, retail stores and wide format labs alike automate their workflow and streamline their online ordering process.
Kirk Arends
Executive Director of Business Development
Softworks Systems

Latest Trends in School & Sports Photography

The presentation will be centered on opportunities in the school and sports photography market which is going through a period of transition. From how you communicate to mom to the offerings provided the market is going through widespread changes in how photographers and labs cooperate to compete in this new digital/mobile ecosystem. Ecommerce solutions and digital delivery are topics of interest.
We will explore how this coexists with printed picture packages and how it can spur growth in specialty products.
We will include a discussion on the industry reaction to the LifeTouch/Shutterfly deal.
Jeff Frazine