Speakers and Topics for Pro Imaging CONNECT Conference

Moving your Order Taking and Lab Management Software to the Cloud: Pros, Cons, Benefits and Costs.

Over the past 20+ years, Labworks has been the leading photo lab management software evolving its path from a Dos to a Unix to a Windows to a .Net Hybrid technology. We ask, and we’d like to discuss: Is it now opportune for a software like Labworks to be offered in the cloud. In this talk, we will go into Labworks software, how it works, and what it means for you and your company. If your company is ready to bring its managment software to the cloud, Labworks is ready.

Latest Trends in School & Sports Photography

The presentation will be centered on opportunities in the school and sports photography market which is going through a period of transition. From how you communicate to mom to the offerings provided the market is going through widespread changes in how photographers and labs cooperate to compete in this new digital/mobile ecosystem. Ecommerce solutions and digital delivery are topics of interest.
We will explore how this coexists with printed picture packages and how it can spur growth in specialty products.
We will include a discussion on the industry reaction to the LifeTouch/Shutterfly deal.
Jeff Frazine

KABOOM! Thoughts on the Future of School Photography

Mark will discuss the changing competitive landscape, the impact of the Millennials and the emerging role of mobile technology in volume photography. • Shutterfly has mapped out an aggressive go-to-market strategy and expects to extend and monetize their reach to a new low-cost channel of millions of customers provided by Lifetouch. What does the future hold as Shutterfly wrestles with recent developments? 
 • We’ll take a quick look at the evaporation of some of volume photography’s biggest brands and what we can learn from their experience. 
 • What about the consumer and school pictures? What has mom been telling us about our product and is there more that we can do to stay relevant? 
 • Fourth, just who is the competition anyway and how does tradition fit in?
 • Finally, we’ll take a look at the Power of New and determine if it has a role in school photography.

The Legal Protections You Need to Know: Trademark, Copyright and Computer Law

Darren Spielman is a shareholder of Kain Spielman, P.A. He concentrates his practice in the field of intellectual property, with an emphasis on trademarks, trade secrets, domain name disputes, copyrights, first amendment law including slander, libel and defamation.

Selling the Digital Experience in Photography

We live in a time of great technological upheaval. Just about every industry has been forced to transition to a new digital and mobile model. The big media industries, including software, newspaper, television, video games and music have all undergone dramatic changes in the way customers purchase and consume their products. The volume photo industry has been notoriously slow to adapt, even though digital images have become a vital part of our mobile and social lifestyle. If photography companies don’t react and provide customers a digital mobile experience, the entire industry is at risk. Join TW Woodward, host of the Hanging Pixels Podcast as he explores the dramatic shift needed for the photo industry to remain relevant in this quickly evolving landscape.
TW Woodward
The Hanging Pixels podcast

The Role of Printing & Output in Today’s Photography Market

In this session, David Haueter of Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends will give an overview of the consumer photo output market and the trends they are seeing from the extensive research they conduct on an annual basis. He will discuss the drivers and barriers that are impacting the market and dive into the who, what, when, where and why answers behind the print and photo merchandise markets, specifically focusing on books, cards and wall décor products. The pro market for output products will also be discussed.
David Haueter
Keypoint Intelligence

Viral Trends with Sublimation

David Gross
Condé Systems, Inc.

Greatest Threat to School Photography

Many would say eroding buy rates or mom with her smartphone are the greatest threats to the future of school photography, however that is simply not the case. Join Dan Boudreau, CEO and Mike Watkinson, CTO from Edge Imaging for a dynamic session where they will explore why cyber security and privacy is the greatest threat to the industry and what we can collectively do to mitigate it.

The Big Reveal: Online Design and Digital Marketing Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Highlighting emerging digital and marketplace trends from leading brands across online art, ecommerce, Designer, and decorative home furnishing channels. Stay competitive and current with this insider track to understanding evolving tech trends in visualization and optimizing online solutions to create the most engaging consumer experiences. Forbes Top 10 business trends every Entrepreneur should watch!