Speakers & Education

Greg Lamb, CEO of Global Imaging – Discover your Total Cost of Ownership

Kevin Sykes, President (North America) of Massivit 3D – Amplify your Business with 3D

Victor Awtry, Founder/CEO iPersonalyze – How to Build Online Retail Success

Discover your Total Cost of Ownership

As profit margins in the printing industry narrow, it is increasingly important to have a better understanding of actual costs, both immediate and throughout the life of a printer. It is not enough to look at the sticker price of equipment, because production and running costs are as important as the initial cost. Investing in a less expensive machine may end up costing significantly more per year in production costs over the more expensive machine, negating the initial savings in as little as one year.

Total Cost of ownership takes a more holistic approach to comparison shopping. By looking at all the variables of running each machine over a 5-year period, a much clearer picture of their actual cost develops. To calculate a printer's total cost of ownership you need to fully understand ink cost, labor cost, machine cost, and build quality. If you can determine the cost of running 50,000 square feet each month for 5 years, for each machine you are considering, you can make a better overall investment.

Understanding all the variable that go into the cost of owning a printer is key to the philosophy of Total Cost of Ownership. Accurately calculating costs over the life of the printer helps us make better equipment investment decisions. It also allows companies to confidently plan for the future. If you know your printer is reliable for lights out automation you can plan ahead to reduce staffing and make your pricing more competitive. The entire business model for a printing company can shift based on the machines they invest in. That's why considering all the aspects of total cost of ownership is so crucial.

We will walk through each feature and look at how those factors change year,over year, to create the best comparison between machines. With the Total Cost of Ownership analysis, you will know that your next investment will pay off and you'll know why.

Amplify your Business with 3D

Expand your business offering with innovation and speed! Capable of producing super-size, customized, lightweight, hollow models and displays at an unprecedented speed. Massivit 3D printers offer print services the opportunity to significantly broaden their business offering while also saving on costs, time and waste.

Turn around super-size projects in hours instead of days with build-up rates of up to 14 in/hr and optional dual-object printing. Massivit 3D printers are remarkably simple to operate, so you can be up and running in no time. Their touchscreen printer control and vacuum print table with a printing liner are just some of the ways we make printing and handling of objects easy.

From custom shaped, curved SEG frames to 3D billboards and supersize objects, you can deliver solutions that provide 5x the stopping power for your customers. We'll talk about all the ways that adding a new dimension to your printing capabilities can be a game changer for both your and your clients.

How to Build Online Retail Success

In today's competitive landscape, owners are looking for new forms of revenue and ways to produce their services on a larger scale. Changing from a single customer model, to many - while still providing personalization, can be achieved through streamlining online offerings.

One of the largest hidden costs in this activity is incorporating the orders into your current workflow in a cost-effective manner. I have spent the last seven years producing online shops, and can show you the best practices for success, which may be different from what you have been doing.

Our online e-shops easy and affordable, allowing businesses to expand their offering to a much wider market. It automates the process and reduces the costs, getting products to both your existing customers and new prospects. Every solution we build is customized to the user, built on the framework of our existing prepackaged online solutions.

I'll act as a guide to help you navigate the possibilities of online retail and suggest from my experience how you can build a shop that will fit your needs. Whether you use our platform or develop your own, these tips will help you get up and running faster and more effectively. Learn more as we share various online retail options and review case studies the give examples of which companies have been successful and why.