FAQ – CONNECT, The Future Imaging Symposium, Golf Tournament & other fun things.

Typically for the new attendee there are a few questions.  Hopefully below we can answer as many as possible.  If you dont find all you need on this page, please fee free to contact us directly at toren@proimagingexpo.com or 616-452-3941.

What is “CONNECT & FUTURE IMAGING SYMPOSIUM” – Connect is our newest event, a conference hosted by vendors and industry vetrans specifically for Portrait Labs, Vertically Integrated Shooters, and Retail Store fronts.  Education will be provided as well as a relaxed atmosphere to meet and network with other like professionals.  

Future Imaging Symposium, is an event that has been hosted along side our golf tournament for large format graphics individuals.  Content is provided to encourage forward thinking and examine the future of the imaging world.  Speakers are brought in from various graphics industries and outside the industry to present a vision of what is to come in the industry.  This one is a must attend for anyone wanting to break out of the old and into the new.

Can I attend all the events?  and how does that work? – Pro Imaging CONNECT is a separate event, although it overlaps the beginning of the Future Imaging Symposium and Golf Tournament.  When registering, you can register for the full event in registration, by selecting the single or double golfing guest registration option.  This will get you into CONNECT, The Future Imaging Symposium, The golf Tournament, breakfast every day, a slew of discounts at the resort, and super swag bag with over $300 in gifts, as well as all hosted events (which typically include complimentary drinks and dinners on event days).  It will also get you invited to the private events at the SGIA expo as well.

How are teams picked for the golf tournament & what if I don’t play much golf – No problem, we have you covered.  We typically ask new attendees an average golf score and rank players by A, B, C, and D player ability.  Teams are randomly drawn live at our “pairing party” on the Sunday prior to the first day of the tournament.  We typically have a range of talent join the event, so even if your response is “I only play once a year”, don’t sweat it, we are here for the fun.

What are the prizes for golf? – Prizes are handed out from first place to fifth place in two flights.  So, that is 10 teams of 4 that get prizes.  Prizes typically include crystal trophies, clubs of various scales (first place gets iron sets, on down to drivers and putters for lower place teams), and there is the tournament money derived from the $50 each player brings to the pairing party night and given to your randomly selected A player (team captain).

What is meant by non golfing guest? – Sometimes an attendee has a spouse or significant other that wants to come and enjoy the parties and resort, but maybe is not interested in golf.  For those guests we allow the “non golfing guest” to come attend with their golfing guest, all the parties and activities for no charge.  We figure they deserve a little break away with you now and then.

Can I invite other industry people? – For sure, the more in the industry the better.  Although be wary, that we can only put out 144 golfer at each event, so they will need to get in early to make sure they have a spot….or they too will be a “non golfing guest”.

Can non sponsoring vendors attend? – Unfortunately our sponsors host such great events, that it would not be fair to allow non sponsoring vendors to attend and mingle with their primary customer groups.  Although, that being said, if your interested in sponsorship, click on the “how to become a sponsor” link on the home page and you too can enjoy the event.

Is the tournament a scramble? – It is!  More so, its and open scramble which means there are no restrictions on using everyone’s shot.  For some of us (and you know who you are) your long drive may not be needed, but everyone can sink a 30 ft putt once in awhile.

There are multiple events on the website, which is right for me? – Our event draws from all segments of the imaging industry.  From Commercial print shops and portrait photo labs, to retail camera stores, vertically integrated shooters, and even large press & label printers.  Most of our events overlap at some point.  We have the “CONNECT Convention” which is geared towards the portrait lab, vertically integrated shooters, and retail stores, but typically we will have commercial graphic printers attend as they sometime cross over into some of these fields.  The same goes for the “Future Imaging Symposium & Golf Tournament”.  There is a educational component to that as well that is geared towards large commercial graphic printers, and large print houses, but we have quite a few other segments attend that as well.  More often than not, its good to hit it all, and being that CONNECT is no additional cost to attend, there really is no excuse.    The SGIA networking event….well that is just one big party!  Who doesn’t like a party.

You say there is education at the golf tournament in addition to CONNECT ? – Yep.  CONNECT is a new event that is growing and will continue to take shape.  2 days of education for free will do that.  The tournament on the other hand is our meat & potatoes, our baby.  This is one that we have been working on for years and quite frankly, we think we have found a sweet spot with fun, golf, and an the Future Imaging Symposium on the Saturday night before the tournament.  It helps that this educational night is also one of our hosted parties with food and drinks, but we like to think the education is the draw.

What if I don’t know anyone? – That is the best part about this.  Some of our attendees have been coming to this since it inception over 30 years ago.  They love to meet, greet, and introduce new people in the mix.  Come with and open mind and a sense fun, as this group has proven over and over again, it can be a super fun group.

Should I play practice rounds even if I am not a good golfer? – Think of the practice rounds as networking on steroids.  Basically you get to hang out, enjoy the day, partake in some beverages, for over 4 hours in a small cart with another crew of 3 people that you may or may not know…..well what I am getting at is that you really get to know someone well on the golf course and that is a good thing.  The practice rounds allow you to connect with people in a very low pressure environment, where everyone can be open and relaxed.  Some big deals and big connections have happened on those practice rounds.